Crime Report March 23 – April 4

Friday March 23

8:03pm       2900 Blk Diamond St            Stolen Property

Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol in plainclothes when they spotted a suspect they knew was wanted for a possession of stolen property charge.  The officers were unable to stop in front of the residence where the suspect was standing with two other subjects.  The officers had to drive a short distance down the street and make a u-turn.  Upon their return, the vehicle the suspect had been standing in front of was still there, but all three subjects were gone.  Officer Tam located the suspect a short distance down the street.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110972438

6:45am       400 Blk Arlington St           Burglary

Officers Cassinelli and Chan responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim had secured his bicycle inside his garage.  The garage door was closed and locked.  Upon leaving for work in the morning, the victim noticed the side door to the garage was open.  The victim realized that the suspect had forced entry into the garage and taken his bicycle.  Report 120236804


Saturday March 24

1:38pm                300 Blk Monterey         Theft

Officer Bernard responded to a report of theft.  The victim had parked his scooter in a private parking area behind his residence.  Upon his return to the vehicle, the victim discovered his helmet was gone as well as the scooter’s battery.  A day later, a witness spotted a possible suspect in the area.  Report 120239513


Sunday March 25

9:42am       100 Blk Chenery          Burglary

At 09:42am, Sgt. Miller and Officer Bernard responded to the 100 block of Chenery regarding a report of a bicycle theft. One of the victims claimed that three bicycles had been stolen from his garage, two of which belonged to him, and the third bicycle belonged to his neighbor. It should be noted that the garage is designed as a two car garage for two homes.  It is a shared garage.  The first victim claims that he returned from work at 6:30pm on 3/23/12, parking his vehicle inside the garage, at which time the three bicycles were still present. On 3/24/12, at 09:30am, the first victim received a call from his neighbor (the second victim), stating he found his garage door open, and that he had closed it. When the first victim went to check on his items in the garage, he found that the three bicycles were stolen.  Report Number 120241245


Monday March 26

0:24am       30th/San Jose                 Vandalism

Officers Thompson and Altamirano were dispatched to investigate a burglary. The victim told Officers that his bicycle had been stolen from his garage. The victim said that he might have accidently left the garage door unlocked because there were no signs of entry. CSI was not called for lack of printable surfaces that would provide fingerprints. Report number 120089324

7:30pm       Unit Blk Sussex             Fraud

Officer McMilton was dispatched to a fraud.  She met with the victim who stated that a bank had been cashed on her account which she did not sign or authorize.  She said she was still in possession of the check number and had not been a victim of a theft or robbery so believed the check had been duplicated.  She wanted the incident documented at the request of the bank.  She provided the officer with a copy of the check which was booked into evidence.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120246079

9:45pm       300 Blk Monterey        Theft

Sgt. Miller was dispatched to an auto boost.  He met with the victim who told him that he locked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found several items missing.  He said there has been a problematic neighbor in their building which may be involved in the incident but they were unable to supply any proof of this.  Sgt. Miller assessed the vehicle unsuccessfully for fingerprint evidence and provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 120243542

9:22am           Congo/Melrose             Traffic Collision

2:47pm            San Jose/30th               Traffic Collision


Tuesday March 27

8:00am       300 Blk 30th St                  Burglary

Officer Frisk responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect somehow gained entry into the apartment.  The suspect located a garage door opener that was concealed in an unlocked closet.  The suspect gained entry into the garage and cut the lock that had been securing a bicycle.  The bicycle was taken.  Report 120246778

11:00am          Unit Blk Wilder St                  Recovered vehicle


Wednesday March 28

5:00pm       300 Blk Monterey         Theft

Officers Leong and Castillo responded to investigate a burglary. They met with the victim who told them that she locked and secured her storage closet and when she returned found the lock missing but that no items had been taken.  She was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120250882


Thursday March 29

8:30am       Unit blk Rotteck           Burglary

Officers Ng, Chew and Lim were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that when he came home he noticed that the front gate had been kicked open. The victim told the officers there was no loss. The officers searched the home and saw that he home had been ransacked. CSI was notified and will respond to process the scene. Report number 120249465

7:00pm       200 blk Randall            Burglary

Officers Lim and Chew were sent to investigate a burglary. The victim told the officers that when he came home from his night shift, he noticed the garage door open. The officers searched the hose with negative results. CSI was not notified because of the lack of physical evidence. Report number 120233935

7:05am          Unit blk Whitney                    Found Auto


Friday March 30

6:00pm          San Jose & Randall St           Vehicle accident (H&R)

7:15pm          100 Blk Whitney St                Stolen vehicle


Saturday March 31  Nothing in the report from Glen Park


Sunday April 1

2:14pm       100 Blk Whitney St                Burglary

Officer Goldsborough was sent to investigate an attempted burglary. Upon his arrival, he met with the victim, who claims that an unknown suspect attempted to break into his home, through the tradesman door. The suspect was not able to make entry into his home, although the knob of the door appeared to have been damaged by some kind of tool. The victim could provide no further description as he did not see anyone and was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120260085

8:00am           700 Blk Chenery                      Stolen vehicle


Monday April 2

8:27am       300 Blk Monterrey Blvd        Burglary

On 4/2/20112 Sgt. Miller responded to the 300 block of Monterrey Boulevard in regards of a burglary. Upon his arrival, he met the victim, who wanted to report a break-in to her storage room, located in the garage area of the apartment building that she lives in. The victim states that her storage room was broken into during the night of 3/26/2012-3/27/2012. Other tenants of the building told her that other storage rooms had been broken into. The victim went to check her storage room, and found that the padlock had been cut off. She further investigated the room, and did not find anything missing. She did find a hat, and a plastic oil container inside the room that did not belong to her. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120261594


Tuesday April 3

6:00pm       300 Blk Monterey         Burglary

Officer Park was dispatched to a burglary.  He met with the victim who stated that his storage locker had been pried open and several items taken.  The officer noticed the pry marks but no sign of forced entry into the garage area where the storage locker is.  He took pictures of the damage which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  He provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 120264463


Wednesday April 4

10:50pm          Bosworth/Diamond     Traffic collision



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2 responses to “Crime Report March 23 – April 4

  1. GG

    Interesting that they don’t include the vehicle break-in at Joost and Congo last Saturday night. We came out Sunday morning and someone had smashed in the back window of an SUV and had clearly stolen stuff out of it (there were discarded items around the truck). There was also a strong smell of gas and a piece of hose left behind, which made me wonder if they had also siphoned the gas out of the tank!

  2. elizabethweise

    Someone’s got to call it in to the police for it to be reported. I’ve been surprised at how often on one does.

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