Will Glen Park get spiffed up this round? You can help decide

Chert outcropping in Glen Canyon

If you’re a Glen Canyon Park user living in Sunnyside or Miraloma, this message is for you:


Our supervisors are now considering which SF parks will be eligible for facility improvements in 2014. This Monday, Feb 27th D-7 residents will have an opportunity to influence which parks will be on the priority list. Here’s the meeting information: 



If you’re unable to attend this meeting, we encourage you to contact SF officials in support of Glen Canyon Park improvements. The following is a support letter template for your convenience:





Supervisor David Chiu <David.Chiu AT sfgov.org>,

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd <Sean.Elsbernd AT sfgov.org>! ;,

Supervisor Scott Wiener <Scott.Wiener AT sfgov.org>,

RPD Director Dawn Kamalanathan <Dawn.Kamalanathan AT sfgov.org>,

Glen Park Association <info AT glenparkassociation.org>,



Glen Canyon Park is not just a neighborhood park. It draws users from the entire city for its ball fields, its gym, hiking trails, etc. The improvement plans for the canyon include day-camp facility upgrades for children from every district in the city, new ADA accessible trails and a renovated stairway to provide safe access to Sunnyside and Miraloma residents in D-7. 


The canyon has become a destination park, in some ways similar to Golden Gate Park. It also has its homeless encampments, which require regular trail maintenance to minimize fire hazards. But it also attracts Mission baseball and soccer players in D-9, Bayview basketball players in D-10 and SOMA rock climbers in D-6.


Glen Canyon Park is a regional facility and needs to be funded to meet the needs of all our neighbors.


Thank you




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