Crime Report Feb. 1 – 15, 2012

The following are crimes from the Ingleside station newsletter

Wednesday February 1   Nothing in the report from Glen Park


Thursday February 2

11:30am     300 Blk Arbor St                    Battery

Officer Coles was dispatched to a report of battery.  Officers Curry, Sanchez, Pai and Campion-Healy also responded.  The victim told the officers that the suspect, who lives with the victim, had gotten into an argument with a third party.  The victim did not want the arguing going on in her house and asked the suspect and the third party to leave.  The victim decided to give the third party a ride to the bus stop to abate the situation.  The suspect attempted to spray the third party with pepper spray, but missed.  The victim drove the third party to the bus stop and dropped him off.  The victim returned home where she was confronted by the suspect.  A verbal argument ensued when the suspect suddenly pulled out her pepper spray again, and sprayed it at the victim.  The spray only contacted the victim’s clothing.  The victim wanted to press charges.  The suspect was arrested for battery and the pepper spray seized as evidence.  Report 120091523


3:50pm       5800 Blk Diamond Heights     Theft

Sgt. Inoncencio responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim had parked and locked her vehicle before leaving it unattended.  As she was walking back to her vehicle, the victim heard the vehicle’s alarm sounding.  The victim saw the suspect leaning in to the passenger side window, and then saw him flee the scene.  The victim continued to her vehicle and discovered that the suspect had smashed the passenger side window and stolen her purse.  When the victim called to report her debit card stolen, it had already been used at a gas station.  Officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  Report 120092361

3:39pm          2900 Blk Diamond St             Recovered vehicle


Friday February 3

11:10pm     Glen Park Area                       Assault

PSA Flynn took a report regarding an assault.  The victim was off hiking in Glen Park with some of his friends.  The victim and his friends started a bonfire.  The victim said that about 12 suspects approached the victim and his friends and started a physical altercation.  The victim said at some point he was struck with a baseball bat in his neck.  The victim fell to the ground and saw one suspect standing over him.  All of the suspects fled the scene.  The victim and his friends got onto a bus and went to have pizza.  The victim reported the incident at the insistence of his hospital where he sought treatment for bruising to his neck.  Report 120095365


9:00pm          Monterey & Congo St            Stolen vehicle

9:55pm          San Jose & Randall St             Vehicle accident (H&R)


Saturday February 4

3:00am          200 Blk Bemis St                   Stolen vehicle

3:10pm          Unit Blk Miguel St                  Recovered vehicle

3:53pm          Unit Blk Diamond Heights      Vehicle accident


Sunday February 5

10:00am     200 Blk Chenery St       Vandalism

Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a vandalism.  The victim parked her vehicle, secured it left it unattended.  When she returned, she discovered that two of her vehicle’s tires had been punctured.  The victim said that there had been two other incidents where her vehicle was keyed.  The victim believes she knows who has caused the damage, although she has never witnessed the suspect cause the damage.  Report 120100146


Monday February 6   Nothing in the report from Glen Park


Tuesday February 7

6:19pm      200 blk Chenery     Recovered Auto

6:30pm      800 blk Excelsior    Stolen Auto

8:00pm      Conrad/Sussex       Stolen Auto

8:00pm      200 blk Laidley      Stolen Auto


Wednesday February 8

2:30pm      2900 Blk Diamond St        Burglary

Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a burglary. The victim said that he parks and secures his vehicle in a garage that is shared by the residents in his apartment building. One morning, the victim went into the garage to his vehicle and discovered the driver’s door ajar. Several items were taken from inside. The victim realized that he might have left his vehicle unlocked when he parked it last. The victim contacted his bank, since one of his credit cards was stolen. The bank informed the victim that the card had already been used by the suspect. Report 120108479


11:26pm     5200 Blk Diamond Heights    Vandalism

Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer responded to a call regarding a dispute. There was reportedly a gun involved. The officers located a victim, who had left the scene of the incident. The victim told the officers that she was shopping in the grocery store when she was approached by a suspect. The suspect had a small dog with her, and the victim commented to the suspect that it was unsanitary to bring a dog into a grocery store. The suspect told the victim to shut up, and referred to the victim using profanity. The victim responded back to the suspect, also using a profanity. Both the victim and the suspect exited the store, and walked into the parking lot. The suspect got into the passenger side of a vehicle. A male suspect then exited the same vehicle, holding a knife. The victim quickly got into her car, and suddenly heard breaking glass, which she realized was the rear window of her vehicle. The victim believed that the male suspect threw something at the window to cause it to break. The male suspect got back into the vehicle with the female suspect and fled. The victim followed the suspect’s vehicle for several minutes before finally pulling over, where she was contacted by officers. Report 120110838


Thursday February 9     Nothing in the report from Glen Park


Friday February 10

10:00am      Unit Blk Monterey St    Theft

PSA Heckenberg took a report regarding a theft. The victim was sitting in front of a coffee shop at a table. The victim left his cell phone on the table and went into the business for about thirty seconds. When he returned, his cell phone was gone. The victim tracked his cell phone to a downtown area and responded there. He asked around if anyone was selling iPhones. A suspect approached him and told him he knew a guy who was selling them. The victim handed the suspect $100. The suspect took the money and fled. Report 120114573


Saturday February 11

7:30pm      200 Blk Chenery         Stolen Vehicle

Sunday February 12   Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Monday February 13   Nothing in the report from Glen Park


Tuesday February 14

11:48am     Unit Blk Fairmount St         Burglary

Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim was in her home with her young child, taking a nap.  When she woke up, she went downstairs and realized that a set of keys was missing.  The victim went to her vehicle and saw that it was locked.  She noticed the window down slightly, which was not how she had left it.  The victim looked into the vehicle and noticed that the items inside looked as if they had been moved.  The victim went back inside and found the back door was open and that three plastic cups that had been filled with change were missing.  The victim believes the suspect entered the house through the unlocked back door and stole the car keys, which were used to open her vehicle.  Report 120126619


Wednesday February 15

7:30pm           200 Blk Chenery          Stolen Vehicle



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