Crime Nov. 16 – 19, 2011

Wednesday, November 16
1:30pm Unit Blk Chenery Burglary
Officer Ma was dispatched to investigate a burglary. The victim stated that he left and secured his residence and when he returned he noticed there were several items missing. He stated that one of the sliding doors was unlocked and believed that’s how the suspect exited and entered the home. The officer was unable to find any sign of forced entry, but did notice some fingerprints at the scene. He notified SFPDs Crime Scene Investigation Unit who stated they would arrive to process the scene. The victim was provided with follow up information and advised not to touch certain areas as the crime scene unit would be arriving. Report number 110925744

6:30pm Unit Blk Surrey Stolen Auto

7:46pm Monterey/Circular Traffic Collision

Thursday, November 17
2:20pm O’Shaughnessy & Bosworth Accident, H&R

Friday, November 18 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Saturday, November 19 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park


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  1. (Author) March 3, 2008 at 1:23 pm · @ Puzz….I will start start to uoplad the files to this site or link to the file itself and not the page on fickr in future posts.@ Stunner…..thank you!

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