Crime Report Nov. 13 – 15, 2011

The following are Glen Park crimes from the Ingleside Station Newsletter

Sunday, November 13 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Monday, November 14
4:12pm 5200 Blk Diamond Burglary
Civilian Police Service Aides Navarro and Der were dispatched to a call of a burglary that had occurred the day before. They spoke with the janitor who stated he was working in an office when he heard a commotion downstairs. He looked out the window and saw a male shaking one of the doors with force. The janitor asked the suspect what he was doing and the suspect released the door handle, handed it to the janitor and told him to “fix it.” The suspect then exited the building in the direction of Duncan Street. The janitor stated that he noticed a camera had been covered with a white t-shirt where the suspect had exited. He removed the t-shirt and locked all the doors.

The CPSAs then spoke with the superintendent who pointed out a pry mark on one of the doors and a dent on one of the door knobs. The officers viewed a video surveillance, which showed the suspect placing the shirt on one of the cameras and exiting the building. The superintendent said there was nothing missing from the premises. The CPSAs took photos of the scene which they booked into evidence at Ingleside Station, along with the t-shirt that had been recovered. Because of the lack of physical evidence, the scene was not processed for fingerprints. Report number 110918620

Tuesday, November 15
11:00pm Unit Blk Monterey Stolen Vehicle
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