If you care about the Canyon – Meeting Saturday

Cutting the mustard at Glen Canyon. Photo by Murray Schneider.

If you care about what’s happening in Glen Canyon, this is a very important meeting to attend. This may be your last chance to voice your opinion about changes and “upgrades” to the canyon and trails. It’s been said that at previous meetings  families with small children have been under-represented.

But for all, for  anyone who spends time in the canyon, we need your voice to be heard.

If you would like to keep the canyon and the playground a natural place, please come to the meeting.

If you would like to have input on the types of play structures they will be installing, please come.

If you want to provide input on which trails are paved and which are not, please come.

This is avery important meeting. Now’s the time to get involved!
The meeting will be at the Glen Canyon Rec Center tomorrow, Sat 11/12 from 3-5pm. Bring the whole family and let the kids play while you voice your opinion.

And if you cannot attend the meeting, you can email your opinion to Alejandra Chiesa <Alejandra.Chiesa@tpl.org>.


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