Another tree loses a big limb

A Eucalyptus on Chenery in front of St. Johns School lost a big limb overnight. According to the school’s gardener, there wasn’t a car parked in the parking space where the limb fell so no one and nothing was harmed.



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2 responses to “Another tree loses a big limb

  1. Mike Neumann

    These Eucalyptus are great trees in the wrong place. They are brittle, fall over, drop large limbs, shed pods that one can slip on, drip a very sticky sap on cars and they uplift the sidewalks creating a tripping hazard. Other than this, they are great…in a forest! We worked with Urban Forestry to have a number of these trees removed from Burnside Street and replaced with appropriate street trees. The Glen Park Association should urge the City to remove these trees before someone gets hurt or worse.

  2. Joel Schipper

    Lucky this big limb did not drop on a school child!

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