Sushi restaurant to go into Sel et Vin space

By Gail Bensinger

An as-yet-unnamed Japanese sushi bar and restaurant will be the new tenant in the space on Chenery Street vacated by Sel & Vin wine bar.

The owners are Ken Lui, Kenny Zhu and Raymond Ho, who already operate two popular sushi and sake places –  Tataki at California at Divisadero, and Tataki South, on Church Street near Day. (Check them out at

According to Lui, the trio are hoping for a December opening. They still are debating what to call the new enterprise, and exactly what kind of menu they will offer in addition to the sushi bar –other types of small plates or full entrees are being considered. But the food will definitely be Japanese, and they are committed to using sustainable fish for the sushi, plus organic meat and produce. Beer, wine and sake will be available.

They plan to remodel, with an emphasis on wood and bamboo. It probably will be open every night for dinner, at least at the start, and Liu said there would be a half-dozen or so new employees.

Before signing a lease, Liu said they did research on the neighborhood, and liked the village atmosphere. “We loved the vibe, we loved the environment,” he said.




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3 responses to “Sushi restaurant to go into Sel et Vin space

  1. Joel schipper

    Looking forward to reasonable prices at this locAtion this time. I have to thunk unrealistically high menu prices have doomed the past tenants.

  2. Terrific addition to our neighborhood cuisine options! PLEASE include a nice selection of creative and delicious vegetarian options including vegetarian sushi. Vegetarians LOVE great Japanese food when a restaurant offers veggie options. We look forward to regularly eating at your new establishment and bringing our friends both veggie and non-veggie!

  3. bs

    I completely agree with what Nicki said. I live on Chenery, just five minutes walking distance from this location. But I never came to Sel & Vin as they had hardly any vegetarian/vegan options. I have gone to Tataki South numerous times as some of their vegetarian options are incredible. Hopefully the owners will remember that even omnivores can enjoy yummy vegetarian food so there really is no downside to having a ton of veg options.

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