Glen Park Community Plan update

Hello Glen Park Community,

We are excited to announce the Glen Park Community Plan is moving forward.
Since 2002, the Planning Department has worked with residents, merchants
and public agencies to develop a community vision for Glen Park.  We’re now
entering the public hearing phase of the project.  Over the next few months
the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will be considering
approval of the Plan.  This email contains information on upcoming Planning
Commission hearings and other Plan-related activities.

1.  Updated DRAFT Community Plan
We’re putting the finishing touches on the Plan.  The Community Plan aims
to preserve and enhance the neighborhood’s unique character.  It includes a
variety of streetscape, transportation and open space recommendations for!
the village area. The updated version reflects our discussions with you all
over the last few months.  There are no big surprises.  Some changes to
expect include adjustments to the neighborhood commercial zoning and the
reduction of building heights for new construction in parts of the
district.  These were discussed at our last public workshop in June and in
previous email updates. I think you will find the Plan offers a sensitive
and comprehensive vision for Glen Park.  I will send an email once the Plan
is up on the website later this week.

2.  Planning Commission Hearings
A schedule of upcoming hearings is listed here.  The Commission appreciates
hearing from community members.  Please come out and support the Plan! All
meetings  take place in City Hall, Room 400.  For meeting times, please
check website ( or call

Thursday, September 22nd (9/22), Informational Presentation: Planning
staff will reacquaint the Commission with the Community Plan and confirm
the upcoming schedule of hearings. The Commission will not take formal
action on this day.

Thursday, October 6th (10/6), Plan Initiation: The Commission will be
asked to formally schedule a future hearing to consider adoption of the

Thursday, October 27th (10/27 – Pending) Anticipated Plan Adoption & EIR
Certification: The Commission will consider adopting the Plan and
cer tifying the findings of the environmental review process.

(Foll! owing Commission adoption of the Plan, Board of Supervisors hearings
will be scheduled for Winter 2011/12.)

3.  Environmental Review
Environmental planning staff and consultants are wrapping up the Comments &
Response document.  This document summarizes and responds to comments
received on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  We expect this
document to be available in mid-October.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.  I will be sending
more frequent emails over the next month and a half to update you as things
proceed. Thanks for all your support.  We look forward, together with you,
to the adoption of the Community Plan!

All Plan information can be found on our website:


Jon Swae
Glen Park Community Plan
SF Planning Department
(415) 575-9069



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