Crime report, Aug 5 – 18, 2011

The following are Glen Park crimes from the Ingleside Station newsletter:
Friday, August 5: Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Saturday, August 6: Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Sunday, August 7: Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Monday, August 8:
12:15am    Sussex/Diamond      Aggravated Assault                        Officer Archilla was dispatched to the residence regarding an assault.  The victim told the officer that he had been walking to his friend’s house after getting off of BART.  As he got close to the house, he was approached by two males that asked to use his cell phone.  The victim refused to give them his phone and was attacked from behind.  He was hit in the back of the head and fell to the ground.  His friend came out from the residence, hearing a commotion, and began screaming for help.  The unknown suspects ran from the area.   Report Number 110635078
Tuesday August 9: Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Wednesday August 10
8:44pm  2900 Blk Diamond      Assault                Officer Blume and Sgt. Riskin were on patrol when they were flagged down by one of the Muni Operators.  The Muni Operator pointed to a male that was running past them down the street on Diamond.  They caught up with the suspect and detained him.  After further investigation, it was discovered that the male and two friends had refused to pay the bus fare.  When stopped for payment, they began to disrupt service and ask passengers for money. They were ordered to exit the bus and pushed the Muni Operator to the ground as they fled.  The suspect located was booked in at the County Jail for the Public Transit Violation as well as the physical assault.    Report Number 110640124
8:05pm   Unit Blk Miguel       Court Order Violation            Officers Campos and Archilla responded to this location regarding a stay-away violation.  The victim explained that he had been walking down the street when he noticed a subject that he had obtained a stay-away order against.  The male suspect drove past him at an extremely slow rate of speed and then stopped his vehicle and stared directly at him.  The victim could not give the officers a vehicle description nor license plate number, but wanted the incident documented.   Number 110640174
Thursday August 11: Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Friday, August 12
9:00am               900 Blk Bosworth St                 Theft            Officers Martinez and Morgante were dispatched to a report of a theft of a bicycle.  The victim had left his bicycle in his garage.  The victim discovered his bicycle had been stolen.  He was unsure if he had locked the garage.  Report 110644148
Saturday, August 13
2:00am               Unit Blk Surrey St                Burglary            CPSA’s Callaghan, Lee and Reynolds and Officer Fung were responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim stored his bicycle in his garage, and secured it.  The victim returned to his residence and discovered pry marks on the door and the lock damaged.  His bicycle was missing.  Report 110648156
Sunday, August 14
8:08pm               100 Blk Conrad St           Tampering            Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were dispatched to a report of a suspect breaking into a vehicle.  A witness saw a suspect open the door of a vehicle and go inside.  The suspect was not the owner of the vehicle.  The suspect fled without taking anything from the vehicle.  Report 110651836
11:30pm                    Unit Blk Wilder St                 Stolen vehicle
Monday, August 15
6:00pm     300 Blk Monterey Blvd      Burglary            CPSA Lee and Officer Fung responded to the residence regarding a burglary.  The victim reported that he had secured his bicycle to a fixed post next to his garage.  When he returned home, he discovered that the bike had been stolen.  He had no witness or suspect information.  Report Number 110653860
Tuesday August 16:  Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Wednesday, August 17: Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Thursday, August 18
8:55pm Unit Blk Rotteck        Warrant Arrest            Officers Hom and Cassinelli were on patrol when they observed a driver within a vehicle illegally talking on his cellular phone.  They effected a traffic stop and made contact with the driver.  As they approached the car, they saw that the passenger was a wanted felon that officers in the district had been attempting to locate.  The male was taken into custody without incident.  The driver was cited for the vehicle code violation as well as for driving without a valid license. The passenger was booked into the county jail on the active warrant! Excellent arrest!   Report Number 110663580

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