Crime Report July 29 to August 4

The following are crimes from the Ingleside Station newsletter
Friday July 29
12:45pm             Unit Blk Harper           Theft
Officer Gomez responded to the call of a theft.  Victim advised that he had ordered a smartphone through the mail.  When he arrived home he noticed the package on the floor in front of his home but the box was empty.  Victim did not know who took the phone and could provide no further information.  Report Number 110607710
Saturday July 30 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Sunday July 31
7:30              Bemis/Moffitt St                   Vehicle Collision
Monday August 1 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Tuesday August 2
2:08am   Monterey/Congo St            Robbery
Taraval Officers took a report regarding a robbery at this location.  The victim went home after the incident but wanted the police notified.  He reported that he had been waiting for a taxi when he was approached by three younger males.  He had his IPhone out of his bag and was playing with it.  One of the suspects put something to the back of his head which he thought was a gun. He was ordered to hand over his phone, which he did immediately.  The second male demanded his wallet and bag, but the victim began to scream and yell.  All three suspects fled from the area.  The victim was uninjured and felt that he could identify the suspects if he saw them again.  Report Number 110610951
11:30am  Diamond/Chenery St    Theft From Vehicle
The victim reported that she had locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered one of the windows shattered and the vehicle ransacked.  She later realized that her work laptop computer had been stolen from the trunk of the car.  She had no suspect information.    Report Number 110612004
10:00am   Beacon/Diamond St.    Vehicle Collision
Wednesday August 3
9:07am             Diamond/Monterey Blvd           Hit & Run
Thursday August 4 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park



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