Crime report, July 24-27 – they got the Chilton St. burglar!

Nice police work on the 24th. I’d heard about this break in, glad to hear they caught the guy.
The following are crimes from the Ingleside Station newsletter
Saturday July 23 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Sunday July 24 –
4:13pm               Unit Blk Chilton                   Arrest
Officers Hauscarriague, Almaguer and Sgt. Chan identified a suspect of a residential burglary by way of a latent fingerprint recovered at the scene.  They obtained a telephone number for the suspect who agreed to meet with officers.  The officers met up with the suspect and took him into custody without incident.  An arrest search of the suspect located a clear plastic baggie containing a green vegetable substance the officers believed to be marijuana.  The suspect was booked for the burglary and narcotics in his possession.  Report 110556612
2:00pm               100 Blk Monterey                 Burglary
Officers Turner and Trujillo responded to a burglary.  Victim advised that he locked and secured the premises when he left and when he returned found that one of the padlocks to the storage room had been cut.  Victim stated that the dead bolt on the same door was intact and that he does not believe entry was made into the storage room.  Victim pointed out other surrounding areas where items had been taken.  Victim was unable to provide any further information and officers were unsuccessful in locating any areas where latent fingerprints may be lifted.  Report 110591226
4:05pm                     Unit Blk Chenery                  Recovered vehicle
Monday July 25 –
6:58pm   100 Blk Arlington St            Warrant Arrest
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and Padilla decided to make contact with three subjects loitering in an area prone to criminal activity.  A female suspect within the group had two active warrants out for her arrest, both from different counties.  She was taken into custody and booked in at the county jail.  Good Job!  Report Number 110595381
Tuesday July 26 –
7:15am                 Addison/Bemis                     Hit & Run Collision
Wednesday July 27 –
6:48am  2400 Blk Diamond St         Dog Bite
Officer Gomez was dispatched to a residence regarding a dog bite incident.  He met with the victim upon arrival.  The victim reported that she had been on the sidewalk walking her dog when she noticed a female standing within an open garage.  An unleashed smaller dog suddenly ran from the garage, directly towards her dog.  She bent down to scoop her dog into safety and was bitten in the arm by the suspect pooch.  She did not want any medical attention but wanted the incident documented due to the numerous children that live in her neighborhood.  Report Number 110601273
Thursday July 28 – Nothing in the report from Glen Park

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