Further Updates for Bosworth Condos

By Jodell Scott

It seems that work has moved slowly on the Bosworth Condo project, and some wonder if work has even come to a halt.   The sad structure on Rousseau remains unsightly and graffiti prone, no visual progress made for its next phase.

The reason for the delays have been largely out of the developer’s hands, states Encore Representative Robert Huggins.   Due to the nature of the San Francisco Water Department and PGE, emergencies rank above construction projects and their scheduled and necessary visits to the site have been delayed several times.  Huggins says that sidewalks should be in within the next few weeks after visits from both the Water Department and PGE.  Work on rear and front landscape will then commence. The possibility of front trees was suggested by a neighbor, and is being considered by the developer.

Interior work is nearly complete on two of the larger Bosworth Condos.  Paragon Realty will be in charge of marketing of these units, with a rollout to Realtors and neighbors likely in mid September. The Realtors website highlighting the units is 90% complete per Huggins, and will be up within the next few weeks.

As for the controversial and unattractive Rousseau structure, Huggins states that extensive testing to the structure has been done.  Roofs and flooring will be taken down from much of the structure, and the entire site will be cleaned up within the next several weeks that will significantly improve its appearance.  Per Huggins the framing tested sound, and represents $100,000 in construction costs so much of it will remain.   In all approximately 2/3 of the structure on Rousseau is salvageable per Huggins.


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  1. guest

    Thanks for sharing. As a resident who drives by it twice a day, I’m glad to hear it will finally be taken down.

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