The neighborhood in action: chicken search

At 8:57 AM on Thursday, July 21, a neighbor posted this message to the Glen Park Bulletin Board email list:

What seems like a very young chicken just hopped up our back steps onto our deck. Picture attached. Please let us know if this is yours. S/he seems very comfortable with humans as s/he came right up to us. By the time we (or my husband) was able to fabricate a home out of a box and sprinkle some oats, s/he found a place to roost, we think for the night. We’re not comfortable leaving him/her out for the night as we live along the Canyon where there are coyotes, racoons, etc. So if s/he is yours, please let us know. Or if you have any advice as to how to help him/her, we’ll take that advice, too.

With this photo:

That ended up on several lists.

And by the next day, by 10:01:21 AM, the chicken’s owners had been found!


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