Eggettes now Rock-It-Swirl, no more waffles

Photo: Gail Bensinger

By Gail Bensinger

It’s official – the sweets shop on Diamond formerly known as Eggettes is now Rock-It Swirl.

According to Mark Fuentes, co-owner of the shop, the agreement with the Eggettes franchise was ended on July 1, about five years after the shop was opened.

No more sweet waffles, rice balls or other Asian snacks. Instead, they are basing their brand on frozen yogurt, though they still offer fruit and tapioca drinks and bubble tea. Jook has been retained on the menu for anyone in need of quick comfort food. And gelato classico is now available for anyone who finds frozen yogurt not quite indulgent enough.

“We try our best to keep to keep everything fresh,” Fuentes said about the approach he and co-owner Catherine Fong have in mind. One example: the watermelon drink now is made of fresh melon instead of a commercial base. “We’re moving on toward a healthier goal,” he said.

Aside from the yogurt-topped rocket ship embossed on the awning over the door, everything has stayed the same – the self-service yogurt wall with fresh fruit and other toppings, the huge television screen, the awesome display of gumball machines, the tables full of kids who consider the place their hangout.

The only stumbling block so far is the sign over the awning. Even though the frame for the sign has been mounted on the wall since Bank of America occupied the space before the shop opened as an Eggettes franchise, the city now says it needs to be rewired and moved. So at the moment, the frame remains empty.


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