Crime Report: July 11 – 16, 2011

Following are crimes from the Ingleside Station newsletter
Monday, July 11th, 2011
4:25pm       Unit Blk Chilton St              Burglary
Officer Fung and CPSA Wong responded to this location regarding a residential burglary.  Victim reported that she had secured the front door to her residence that morning and gone to work. Upon returning to the house, she discovered several items missing and items rummaged through. Victim said that another door to the residence may have been left open.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 110556612
11:50pm                     San Jose/Randall St     Hit & Run Collision
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
9:30am      Thor Ave/Chenery                Robbery
Officer Shawn Phillips assisted the Station Investigative Unit by putting together a photo-lineup of a potential robbery suspect.  Phillips was aware of two separate robberies in the general area where a known suspect had been identified.  The victim positively identified the suspect and he was ultimately booked into JJC. Excellent follow-up investigation!    Report Number 110490800  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***
6:58am     Unit Blk Addison St             Misc Investigation
Officer Morgante responded to a location regarding a potential violation of a stay-away order.  The officer met with the resident upon arrival and was informed that a female suspect had entered his residence illegally.  The victim reported that he had obtained a restraining order against his son’s former girlfriend, however he had not yet been able to serve her.  Upon returning to his residence, he found the suspect asleep on his couch.  The suspect was ultimately given verbal notice by the officer of the stay-away order and removed from the residence.   Report Number 110557610
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
8:50am     Unit Blk Elk St                             Robbery
Officer Najarro responded to his location regarding a robbery.  The victim was located and told the officer that a male had attempted to rob her while she was waiting for a friend.  The male approached her and acted as if he had a gun, demanding that she give him her IPad.  The victim did not see a gun and ran from the area. She gave officers a suspect description but they were unsuccessful in locating him in the immediate area. The victim sustained no injuries and no items were turned over to the suspect.  Report Number 110560588
3:42pm      Unit Blk Richland Ave             Vandalism
CPSA Wong and Officer Fung responded to this location regarding a vandalism.  They met with the owner of the residence and were informed that one of his trees had been illegally cut.  Victim said that he left the residence at noon and upon his return, found large tree branches in his driveway.  The victim said that nobody had permission to cut any trees on his property and feels that a neighbor may have been the culprit.  Ingleside Station Investigative Unit will be conducting further investigation regarding the matter.  Report Number 110561677
Thursday, July 14th, 2011
6:00 am    200 Blk Bemis St              Vandalism
The victim reported to dispatch that she locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered that the antenna had been broken and the front windshield damaged by an unknown object.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 116088247
Friday, July 15th 2011
Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Saturday, July 16th 2011
Nothing in the report from Glen Park

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