Want a Tree? Call FUF now!

Hello ‘Friends of the Urban Forest’ organizers and tree planters –

Organizing for tree planting is going extraordinarily well throughout the city! In the next few months OMI, SOMA, Castro, Central + Outer Sunset, North Bernal, Crocker Amazon, and Glen Park are in contention for a coveted community planting date in their neighborhood. Can you help organize your neighbors for a planting? Let me know!


Glen Park is coming along nicely, and currently has 13 trees out of 30 trees


We may combine the Glen Park with neighboring Sunnyside/Miraloma and/or Noe Valley South to get to that 30 number faster – stay tuned!


Can you help create the necessary demand?  In so doing you will create a legacy right here in our “front yards” — one that can be enjoyed by yourself and the children and grandchildren of the neighborhood.  And at just $75 for the tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years the price is a real bargain.

Research shows that trees increase property values, help the environment and improve our quality of life in many ways.  So please plant a tree in front of your house or talk with neighbors or local business about planting one (or two) in front of their property!  If you know the owner of a site that could plant several trees please let me know — we would love to help them start reaping the benefits of having trees.  Plantings are fun and literally bring neighborhoods together.


What FUF Offers:

Our $75 tree planting package includes:

Concrete Removal (if needed)

Tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years

Tree planting (as part of a community planting)




For more information contact me:


Doug Lybeck

Friends of the Urban Forest

Community Outreach Manager

415-268-0773 or douglybeck@FUF.net


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