Glen Park Plan update

Happy Summer! 

On the heels of two recent meetings in Glen Park, I wanted to
give you a little briefing in case you missed them. Also, I’d like to
provide a general update on where the Community Plan is headed over the
next few months.  We’re happy to be moving this planning process (which
began in 2002!) towards its conclusion this Fall.  Then we can get on with
the real work of making the ideas in the Plan happen!

1. Recent Plan-related Meetings

Glen Park Community Plan Meeting (6/22):
We held a public meeting at St. John’s Elementary School to present the
findings of a historic resources survey conducted in Glen Park and discuss
refinements to the Community Plan.  The Plan changes discussed include a
reduction in the building height district in part of the Glen Park village
aimed at reinforcing the area’s character and recognizing the scale of
buildings found there.  In addition, we discussed possible adjustments to
the neighborhood commercial zoning boundary that would incorporate some
historic commercial uses and create fl exibility to create some new ones.
The presentation and handouts are available online here:

Glen Park Association Meeting (7/13):
The GPA held an action packe! d meeting Wednesday night at the beautiful
Sunnyside Conservatory.  The evening included a full agenda featuring
Supervisor updates from Scott Weiner and Sean Elsbernd, a discussion on the
Glen Canyon Park Improvement Plan, and an update and presentation from the
Planning Department on the status of the Community Plan.

2. Plan Schedule

Right now we’re in the process of making final adjustments to the Plan
proposal based on recent community feedback.  In addition, our
environmental staff are busily responding to public comments received on
the Draft Environmental Impact Report. We expect the next revision of the
Plan to be the draft ready for recommendation to the Planning Commission.
That draft package should be completed sometime in September in preparation
for Commission hearings soon thereafter. In the meantime, we’ll be in touch
with updates and further follow-up as we take this Plan to the next level.
Thanks to all for your interest, involvement and input! Here is a general
outline of the schedule over the next few months.

* Plan Refinement and Finalization (July – Sept)
* EIR Comments & Responses Document Published (Sept)
* EIR Certification & Plan Adoptio! n  (Oct – Dec)

That’s it for now.  I will be away from the office July 18th- August 15th.
In my absence, please contact John Billovits with any questions or comments
on the Plan or process. He can be reached at or

Have a great summer!

Jon Swae
SF Planning Department
(415) 575-9069

Check out ou r new SF Property Info Map!



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