Bird & Beckett upcoming events

Apparently no one told us that National Poetry Month was last April.
We appear to believe it starts this coming Monday and runs through August.
And in fact, it seems unlikely to stop even then.

If you’ve got no use for poetry, well… there are other rewards.
If that’s you, skip this email and go to our website —
for word on this Sunday’s concert of pan-Arabic music and manifold other delights.

But if poetry doesn’t scare you — if, in fact, it holds some fascination and delight for you —
consider if you will the riches and variety inherent in the macrocosmic WORD.
Roll with it here in league with your compatriots…

Monday, two poets (Michael Koch and Willy Lizarraga) and you in the open…
what time, you ask? for that, consult our site…

Thursday, a dozen poets remembering carol lee sanchez

Sunday, a half-dozen more remembering Eugene Ruggles

The following Sunday (7/31), three poets including ex-New York beat writer of the dark obsession, Clive Matson, now a frolicsome manchild of the west…

Monday, Aug. 1, poets Ed Coletti and Kevin Killian, and, again, you in the open…

Sunday, Aug. 7, at 2 pm, five poets associated with the organization calling itself Philippine American Writers & Artists, hosted by Barbara Jane Reyes;
and at 7 pm, New Yorker George Wallace & his publisher, the poet Diane Frank.

Monday, Aug. 15, poet Paula Hackett with jazz pianist Connie Crothers, and, again, you, in the open…
(Connie, by the way, is a free-jazz pianist of extraordinary invention, her anticipated performance alone being worth the price of admission)
((We at B&B, by the way, will be in the midst of a five-Sunday sequence of free-jazz performances
(not to be confused with “free” jazz-performances, get it? i.e., bring some dough for the musicians,
and leave your preconceptions about form at home for those concerts!)))

Sunday, Aug. 21, poet Megan Harlan plus one tba

Monday, Aug. 29, poets Bill Berkson & Duncan McNaughton.
If you don’t recognize these two towering names, we would suggest you take a stroll via Google through some cross-references as a start…

and then there’s September…

do come

don’t fear

have fun

(we have wine for naught but your voluntary donation, and neckin’ in back when no one’s lookin’ ain’t unheard of)

Bird & Beckett Books
653 Chenery, at Diamond,
in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood
(415) 586-3733

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