A tree falls on Chenery – will others follow?

Here's a picture of a top contender to come down when the wind blows again. Notice the red bricks that are ingrown around the tree's base. Its sister tree, 40 feet away was in the same condition when it fell into the street.

Here’s a picture of the fallen tree’s root stump and the hole that it came out of. The lightened area shows the extra piece of concrete that was just underground and further crowding the tree’s roots. The question is: Who is making these choices when planting our street trees?

If you thought you heard chain saws near Chenery and Diamond Sunday night around 9:00 pm, you weren’t imagining things. One of our older street trees fell over in Sunday night’s strong winds. Glen Park News photographer Michael Waldstein got this shot at 7 pm.

As a neighbor noted, “the wrong kind of tree in too small a space falls over in a light wind.  The tree’s roots had no room to grow and were shallow,  so they lifted the sidewalk.  Another similar tree in similar condition one block away on Chenery fell over into

the street just like this one a few years ago.  No one hurt in either case.  More trees are neglected in Glen Park and eventually one will fall and hurt or kill someone or hit a car or house. Common sense would have people give the street trees more room to grow.  Would have people remove the red bricks around their bases as they grew. It’s more likely that a tragedy has to happen first.”



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2 responses to “A tree falls on Chenery – will others follow?

  1. Anonymous

    [Turn head, sigh, walk away]

    Or contact Public Works and ask for an inspection of all street trees on that block
    Also document the request by copying the City Attorney, the Chron editor and the GPBB.

    Guess how many Chenery residents will follow up. Probably less than one.

  2. Anonymous

    Better yet if the tree is by your house, bend down and remove the bricks before they’re embedded into the tree trunk. If you have a decent circular saw, get an abrasive wheel and cut a larger opening in the sidewalk.
    When you get a sidewalk repaired, have the contractor leave more room for the tree.

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