Is our worst street really so terrible?

In a post yesterday, we reposted an article from 7×7 Magazine, discussing the City-designated ‘worst street in San Francisco.’ (posting reprinted below.)

However then intrepid Glen Park News photographer Michael Waldstein went out to actually look at the street, and he found that  Roanoake Street at Arlington is actually a fine street, except for the little tag-end that runs up against the San Jose St. cut, and which is just used for parking. So things are perhaps not as horrible as they might have seemed over off Arlington – unless you’re trying to park your car there

From the magazine 7×7


It’s no secret that parking in the city is a bitch. So we’ve enlisted local parking guru and author of  Finding the Sweet Spot, David LaBua, to dish out weekly tips on navigating the ins and outs of city parking.

In San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee has proposed a $248 million bond to pay for road repairs. A national travel research group, estimates that for the average driver, roads that are in poor condition add $335 annually to typical vehicle operating costs. In San Francisco, the high concentration of poor roads adds an average of $705 to the maintenance of each vehicle.

The SF Department of Public Works stated that this year’s winner of the SFSIWC Award (San Francisco Street in Worst Condition) is…….Roanoke Street at Arlington, on the southern edge of the city with a quality-index score of just 5 (a newly paved street is scored at 100). And, the runners up according to the Bay Citizen are Alameda Street between Utah Street and Potrero Avenue, with a score of 16, and Sansome Street between Lombard and Chestnut streets, with a score of 17.

More here.



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3 responses to “Is our worst street really so terrible?

  1. Mark

    Used to live in Providence Rhode Island, and people regularly popped tires and caused significant damage to their cars with the huge potholes there.

    If that is really the worst road in San Francisco I think we’re doing just fine without an additional 248 million.

  2. Anonymous

    As Mark and Michael have confirmed, the 7×7 re-posting only served to promote a bogus story in a bogus e-mag, which makes you the Emily Litella of GPN. “Never mind”

  3. Anonymous

    The 7×7 post I thought was pretty funny.

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