Owls in the canyon

Glen Park resident Steven Uchida  snapped these photographs of a mother Great Horn owl, perched on a canyon eucalyptus tree on June 15th, after a  three hour Friends of Glen Canyon work party.

The owl sat on the tree limbs overlooking the west side of Islais Creek, only a few feet from the Recreation Center.

Uchida  is a retired U.S. Postal employee who loves the outdoors and hikes with his wife, children and grandchildren in wilderness areas such as Pinnacles, Yosemite and Mendocino and Humboldt counties.

Since his retirement, Steve, who lives on Diamond Street, has volunteered each week with Friends of Glen Canyon Park. Lithe and fit, he can be seen each Wednesday, his arms windmilling as he wrestles with Italian thistle and wild radish from canyon slopes.



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2 responses to “Owls in the canyon

  1. Earnest Mama

    Great photos. What a treat!

  2. hi, that’s a overnice situation. There is some mistakes but the principal is here.

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