Latest issue of the Glen Park News hitting the streets this week


Here you see the children of our intrepid delivery coordinator, Grace Clark, sharing the back seat with this week’s printing of  the Glen Park News. Our quarterly paper has a print run of 3,600 issues.  We’re the only neighborhood newspaper in town that hand-delivers copies to as many houses as we have carriers for (hint hint hint) and we do it all with an all-volunteer staff.

If you’d like to write for, photograph for or help deliver our neighborhood newspaper, drop us a line at

And remember to support the advertisers you see in the paper. It’s entirely underwritten by their ad dollars so without them, we would not exist.


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2 responses to “Latest issue of the Glen Park News hitting the streets this week

  1. Henley Hornsby

    Hi Neighbors,

    Its time to clean up Kern Street, it is disgusting. It is a street, not an alley.

    The dumpsters and garbage bins must be cleared from the sidewalk and hidden from view. This is a City ordinance. So, the restaurants and other businesses need to figure something out.

    Public Works need to widen the sidewalks for accessibility.

    Thanks for your support.

  2. M Marlowe


    I completely agree. Kern is disgusting. Grease all over the sidewalk and street, flies and stench. I have seen rats climbing out of the debris boxes.

    Glad you brought this topic to light.


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