Art…dance…play at Sunnyside school

“WALL BALL/throw yourself in”

A site specific dance for flying hula hoops, balls and jump rope propelling public school activism

WHERE: Sunnyside Elementary School Yard Wall, 250 Foerster St (one block south of Monterey Blvd; 7 blocks from Glen Park BART) San Francisco

WHEN: May 21-26, 2011 at various times

Saturday, May 21 @ 11 am and 2pm (as part of the Sunnyside SpringFest!!)

Sunday, May 22 @ 2pm and 4 pm

Monday – Thursday, May 23-26 @ 6pm

Tuesday and Thursday May 24 and 26 @ 11 am


Choreography: Jo Kreiter, in collaboration with the company Music: Beth Custer Dancers: Caity Beard, Mary Ann Brooks, Kelly Kemp, Sandia Lavibora and SAM Luckey Costumes: Verrieres and Sako General Information: or 415.333.8302 Join us for post performance

CURBSIDE CONVERSATIONS on our creative process and on the issues affecting public schools today. We will gather on the school yard: Sunday May 22nd at 2:30 PM (following the show) Wednesday May 25th 6:30 PM (following the show)

“Wall Ball/throw yourself in”brings the eye of the city onto one school wall, to draw attention to the difficulties our schools face, to celebrate the vibrancy of daily sport in the schoolyard, to encourage girls to be a part of that vibrancy, and to cultivate a stronger bond between the arts, a school community and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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