Neighborhood self defense class May 25

The second annual neighborhood Safety Awareness and Self Defense Class, organized by the Patrol Special group in Glen Park, will be held on Wednesday, May 25.
It will be instructed by Ken Craig, President & Grand Master Instructor, Triangle Martial Arts Association, who holds a 9th degree black belt in HapMooseKi-Do and an 8th degree black belt in TaiKwanDo.

The class is scheduled from 7 to 9:30 pm at St. John’s School, 925 Chenery Street. The school’s principal, Sister Shirley, donated the gym facility for the class as part of the school’s contribution to local programs.

Those interested must RSVP and pay a class registration fee/donation of $40 to the instructors’ non-profit association by May 20 by check to “TMAA”, 2912 Diamond St., Ste. 239, SF 94131. Registrations may be paid but are not guaranteed at the door. Questions or requests for a $20 or $40 scholarship from Glen Park residents may be presented by calling (415) 587-3863.


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