Crime Feb. 26 – March 1

Below are crime incidents that occurred in Glen Park over the past week. There was a street robbery late last Friday on Chenery, so please be very cautious when walking at night and try to avoid walking alone.

February 26-March 1

No incidents in GP

March 2

4:00 pm         300 Blk Arbor                      Warrant Arrest

Officers Almaguer, Chan and Rueca responded to the residence of a person with a warrant for his arrest.  The officers located the man, took him into custody and booked him at Ingleside Station. Report Number 070652120

March 3

No incidents in GP

March 4
12:00 pm  Unit block Chenery St.        Theft, from Building

Officers Park and Chang responded to a call of a burglary.  The victim reported that bicycles had been taken from the garage area of her home.  The officers were unable to locate any sign of forced entry and no surveillance cameras were available.  Report number 110192040

11:47 pm  500 Block Chenery St.       Robbery

Officer Lozano was dispatched to a call of a purse snatch.  Victim advised that she was walking on the above street when she noticed a man walking in her direction and another man walking on the opposite side of the street.  Victim stated that one man walked passed her and she was suddenly thrown to the ground.  Victim stated the suspect stole her purse and laptop but she did get a good look at him and could not identify him.  Report number 110187110

March 5-6

No incidents in GP


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