A Sunnyside Update

Thanks to Chris Loughran for sending this, and apologies for getting it up late.




I was at the Sunnyside Neighborhood Assoc. meeting last night (seriously need more families to join and attend).

Here are a few updates I said I would pass along.

SFMTA presented on the new plan for bike lanes on Phelan.  They wanted a vote on whether we wanted a vehicle lane eliminated or 120 free parking spots eliminated. The SNA drafted a few years ago to have the bike paths down Lee ? St. behind CC/Riodan. Nothing has been done with that proposal.  Some of the community members expressed concerns and alternatives.  They said it will help connect from the BART stations and CC to SF State.  There are something like 30 new bike lane projects coming up in the city- all approved but to the community for review.  There will be some public discussions coming up and I will pass on.  This will have a big effect on the already crowded streets- parking or driving.

CC has a lot of construction happening in Marston—new contractor has been hired and should be done by August. Will keep the area clean as the other person was so good about it.

Update on the new Safeway plans will be at the SNA May 2nd meeting.

There will be an important meeting at Sunnyside Park Rec Ctr. On Wed. March 23 at 6:30pm.  There is $100k surplus from construction and they want the community input on community list (generated years ago). The meeting is just to discuss spending of the surplus money, which because it is bond money can only be spend on capital projects not programs. So let’s get folks at that meeting—– and find out the next steps.

Greening Committee: Pat Moore and a group of other neighbors with DPW have 3 greening projects they need more help- and no experience needed.

–          Monterey Blvd strip- maintenance of weeds
–          The Sunnyside Conservatory- upkeep  and cleaning the gardens—RPD workday- 2/12- 9am-noon
–          The Circular Ribbon Park- they are creating a new “park” area on Circular Ave, between Monterey and Havelock- they have a small grant but need more funds.  They get matching funds based on volunteers coming to help!  They also need plants. Most Sat. 9am-noon. Enjoy coffee from Railroad Express and snacks before and after.  They need help getting rid of the weeds and then DPW will dump mulch for them.
–          They will also come and help a neighbor if there is someone who is unable to maintain the front of their house they will get some volunteers to come and help you out.
–          Contact Patmoore695@comcast.net or 587-8083.

Garden club- local neighbors gather every other month and share their gardens and a speaker. Small group looking for more neighbors.  Contact Karen at kb_abra@att.net  Possible idea of a Sunnyside Garden Walk in the future.
Need committee members for:
–          Halloween on Marston- family party
–          Mayoral Candidate Forum- for the fall
–          Garage Sale- tba but need a few volunteers to take the lead.

Contact for more info and if you can help or have other ideas: SNA President, Bill Wilson, bill.f.wilson@gmail.com

Next Meeting: St Finn Barr Parish Hall, Monday May, 2- 7-8:30pm.  Everyone Welcome!!!!!!
SNA Membership is $15 per household.
Vendor Membership is $25 per business.
Mail membership dues to: SNA  P.O. Box 27615, San Francisco,  CA  94127


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