This GP boy loves his BART

Who says San Franciscans don’t love public transit? Four-year-old Sam loves it so much he demanded a BART birthday party, which obliging BART employees turned into a wonderful, transit-themed bash.

Sam, who moved from New York last fall, loved the subways in his old home town. But here in Glen Park, he’s taken to BART trains like a fish to water

“When we first moved here, we had to take several rides to nowhere on BART with Sam so he could check it all out,” says his mom, Claudia.

No one quite remembers how it was decided that Sam’s 4th birthday party was going to have a BART theme but Sam quickly decided he wanted a BART cake more than anything else.

Gabrielle Feuersinger from Cake Coquette in Bernal Heights granted his wish.

The BART community-liaison workers at Glen Park Festival helped out with a lot of the stuff that ended in the goody bags.

It all came together when another BART employee, who happened to be on the Glen Park Parents list, saw Claudia’s note looking for BART paraphernalia and found big system maps, which were a big hit as decorations. They ended the BART-stravaganza with BART goody bags and a BART birthday banner from

Clearly, a young man with a future in transportation.


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